When teams arrived at the lake bed, they dug up the "homing beacon" whose location they had received from the satellite tracking system. The homing beacon was a sealed PVC pipe which, mysteriously, contained no electronic parts, but did have two pieces of paper inside. The first was a note from Shelby:

It’s beginning to fade. I think I can feel the pangs of preliminary deaccession already. But then again, it could all be in my mind. Hopefully, you’ll soon understand...

I’ve selected this spot to contact you because it’s not only visibly remote but also out of range of any permanent Agency ground-based scanning systems. Plus, if anyone approaches (courier or worse), you’ll certainly be able to see or hear them. That should give you a tactical advantage--just don’t trust anyone.

It’s taken my best effort to conceal the start of the trail in a way that they couldn’t find or follow--I suspect that embedding initial contact and instructions for you behind the standard WITSEC hotline software will have been one of my more resourceful moves...but what I have to provide to you now is too sensitive for even that. Please forgive the “buried in the desert” cliché.

The attached copy of page 63 should provide some insight into why you’re here. I took a huge risk leaving 62 online, but what the spiders really search for is any mention of the IDP. I couldn’t put 63 on WITSEC, and there’s no way I was going to leave it in the hands of the courier, so that’s why you’re out here in this god-forsaken place. At least you should have a day-or-two head start as a result.

Set up camp, get comfortable, and then summon the courier...you’ll definitely want to get a good night’s sleep because tomorrow will be a day from hell. The courier already has instructions regarding the drop point location, but won’t depart base until they hear from you. Call the hotline, function 1056, and that will get them on their way.

One more thing: in your next 12 hours or so, the final deaccession processing will be automatically initiated, and once that happens they’ll be able to use wideband RF to scan for me. I’m going to be on the run continuously in that last 24 hours to stay away from them-- you’ll have to get to me before they do.

- L. Shelby Logan

The second piece of paper was Page 63 of the Agency manual which Shelby had somehow managed to get hold of. (You'll recall that Page 62 was in secured storage on the witsec.us site.) Page 63 reveals the existence of the IDP (Integrated Deaccession Protocol) device, which is basically a chip in Shelby's head that will automatically microwave his brain at the preset deaccession time, unless (as is hinted) it can be deactivated using a debug device.

Next morning, the actual clue was on the CD dropped by the helicopter. The clue is contained in the last few seconds of the video.

[TOPS clue]

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