The six lines of the clue represent six world records ("tops"). The "acronym" version of the description of the record-setting person or thing is followed by an index into the letters of the person or thing's name. The six resulting letters spell THE DAM, and the next location is of course Hoover Dam.


Clue Record Name
HD/12M (1) Hot Dogs in 12 Minutes TAKERU KOBAYASHI
WCiCB (9) Winningest Coach in College Basketball DEAN SMITH
HE (3) Height of Everest EVEREST
LFn (5) Longest Fingernails SHRIDHAR CHILLAL
CGHS (7) Career Game Hitting Streak JOE DIMAGGIO
SM (8) Smallest Man GUL MOHAMMED

Height of Everest tended to be the easiest line to get (by recognizing the 29000-foot height). Longest Fingernails and Smallest Man are Guinness Book "celebrity records" that have been highly publicized. One small trick here is that Gul Mohammed is the smallest man ever, not the smallest man currently alive. Some records such as HD/12M were locatable through a Google search (for example, at the time of this writing the seventh result from the search "12 minutes 50.5" is an article about Kobayashi's accomplishment).

Clue author: Kristina Belfiore

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