First team: Black
  Arrival: 10:51pm
Second team: Yellow
  Arrival: 11:24pm
Soundtrack: IIlluminatti, Moby
A# 8747639
A# 66253
Shelby's Message (Dice)
Shelby's Message (EAS Clue)

The complexity of the Game has continued  to increase. At this point, remember, teams are focused on solving a stream of puzzles that appear on the device (to find Shelby), figuring out how to deduce the encryption key that's hidden inside Templeton (because they'll need it to exploit the chip bug at the unpredictable moment it happens), and continuing to solve clues going from location to location.

Fremont Street Experience -- The Setup
The solution to the previous clue simply read "Fremont Street Experience." Though this is a well-known attraction in Las Vegas, the clue provided no further information on where the teams should search in this 4-block long shopping/gambling area.

Of course, the most notable landmark at Fremont Street is the "experience"-- a giant electronic display that acts as a roof to these four city blocks. Teams began to accumulate in this crowded area when suddenly an image appeared in four places (one for each block) on the screen above:

Game Players: Shelby says Welcome to Vegas!

You'll have 60 seconds... spread out NOW

In 60 seconds, the message disappeared and the 1-mile long canopy illuminated into a set of seven pairs of dice, stretching down its entire length. Teams ran as fast as possible to jot down all seven numbers (labeled as an "A#") before the message disappeared.

Click these links to see each of the 3 actual frames used on the sign overhead:        Frame 1            Frame 2  (shown in photo above)          Frame 3

Many teams failed to capture all the numbers on the first try, and so were forced to wait around until the message appeared again. Once a team successfully figured out the seven digits, a call to the hotline (click the link above) instructed them to meet "Lenny Kravitz" at the FSE Starbucks, where they received their next clue.


Team Stories
Some teams-- Purple, for example-- had some difficulty in getting the A# number from the dice.  In their case, it DID take more than one try, as they had attempted more sophisticated ways of deducing an A#  (checking the numbers shown on the SIDES of the dice, recognizing that some of the dice images weren't valid dice faces, etc...

It appears as well that Black, who was in the lead arriving at Fremont Street, tanked on the following clue... it took them a total of an hour and twenty minutes before they had solved this puzzle and reached Big Shot.  Of course, it's possible that they used this time to extract the decryption key from Templeton the rat...  Black, care to comment?

Comments & Discussion
4/21/2003 10:04:51 PM   Andrew Ryder (Black)

Indeed, as I remember this is when we (Black) stopped off at the nearest 24-hour vet's office.