First team: Purple
  Arrival: 12:26am 
Second team: Gold 
  Arrival: 12:30am
Soundtrack: None. Skipped for being too obvious.
A# 73  Shelby's Message (instructs teams to go directly to next location... teams were so late, they never had to solve the clue)

The words "Big Shot" were all the information that our participants had to figure out what to do next. Seems like a pretty obvious course of action, don't you think?

Big Shot -- The Setup
High above the glistening lights of the Strip, Game Players arrived at the top of the Stratosphere needing to locate and retrieve the next clue. The most likely way to do that? GET ON THE RIDE.

The Big Shot attraction has four sets of four-seats-each surrounding a giant pole, so that its 16 riders have a view in all directions. A cursory inspection of the ride loading area reveals nothing... so the clue-searchers must buy a ticket and strap in.

The ride shot upwards into the Vegas night, and as it began its descent suddenly the next clue became visible-- attached to the rooftop of a small control shed next to the loading area, is a giant A# number. See & memorize that number, or you'll be riding again.

(A call to the A# explains that you can pick up the next puzzle down at street level.)

Team Stories
Many teams didn't know what to expect here, and as a result, many DID have to ride twice. The orange team, for example, had only sent up 2 players to get the clue, and of course if the players aren't sitting on the correct side of the ride (or are just not paying attention), then the A# would be missed. Lucky for them they have stomachs of iron...

As soon as 2 days before the actual Game, we weren't certain that the Big Shot location would be possible to use.  The management hadn't been in touch with us, and we were very concerned that the game was too long, so we debated a great deal about whether to cut the site.  On Friday, we got a phone call from the management, and Kevin immediately went up with the sign to mount it to the roof.  The orginal A# number was many more digits long-- something like 7327492.  We thought it would be more interesting if players had a difficult time getting all the digits. In the end, the decision was made for us, when the Friday-night windstorm blew through town:  in the high winds, part of the sign ripped and blew off the roof, and all that was left was "A#73".  Given our flexible IT department (Walter), we knew it would be a lot easier to change the A# number in the database than it would be to go back to the roof of Big Shot, so the A# number was changed.

Also, Big Shot was a location we could easily *eliminate* if the game was running too long.  We could either:
- have Lenny Kravitz send teams to Cobalt directly, completely skipping Big Shot, which closed at 1am,  (this happened to 2 or 3 teams)
- change the A# text to just tell you to go straight to Cobalt, (which happened to most teams) OR
- play A# text that described a magazine rack on the street below where you would pick up the next clue.  No teams actually had to do this, as we were trying to move the game along.  Click on the CLUE section to see the clue you would have had to solve...

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