Each set of three words has a common letter pair. Actually, any two of the three words in the set has a common letter pair, but only one pair is shared by all three words. The letter pair is the atomic symbol of an element. Replace each set of three words with the atomic number of the element. Solve the lower equation and you get 27, the atomic number of cobalt.


1. aRUgula
2. ferRUle
3. gunRUnner
= 4. tsuNAmi
5. retsiNA
6. VietNAm
+ 7. cASsowary
8. ParnASsus
9. treASury


= 10. oveRHand
11. peRHaps
12. myrRH
- 13. reliquARy
14. lineAR B
15. infrARed


Ru (ruthenium, 44) = Na (sodium, 11) + As (astatine, 33)

Co (cobalt, 27) = Rh (rhenium, 45) - Ar (arsenic, 18)


Clue explanations:

1. Radio City Rockettes -> Rocket -> Arugula

2. The metal band at the end of a pencil is called a "ferrule".

3. Kevin Costner (star of The Postman) appeared in a movie about Chinese insurgents called The Gunrunner.

4. A tsunami is a giant rogue wave.

5. Gaia and Cambas are popular brands of Retsina.

6. The picture is the outline of Vietnam (rotated).

7. The picture is of a cassowary, which is like an ostrich, but not quite.

8. There is a Mount Parnassus just outside Bakerville, Colorado and another more famous one outside Delphi, Greece.

9. The Secretary of the Treasury is the fifth cabinet secretary in the line of succession to the Presidency.

10. The knot pictured is a double overhand knot, half of which would be an overhand knot.

11. Perhaps is a word meaning "maybe" that has a letter pair in common with 10 and 12.

12. Myrrh is the resin of the Dindin tree.

13. A reliquary is where religious relics are kept.

14. The picture is of a partial list of characters in the ancient Greek writing system called Linear B.

15. The wavelength of infrared light is around 10-5 to 10-4 meters.



Clue author: Walter Smith


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