First team: Unknown.  No call was required.
  Arrival: Unknown.  No call was required.
Second team: Unknown.  No call was required.
  Arrival: Unknown.  No call was required.
Soundtrack: Wild Boys, Duran Duran
A# None.  No clue was retrieved here.

After retrieving Shelby's message from the Big Shot roof, teams were instructed to head for "Cobalt", with no further description, except this: "When you arrive there, everyone should enter together and one of you should order an Amnesia."

Simultaneously, they have been warned via A# to not go to this location unless they have retrieved the decryption key from Templeton-- the time now was between 1:00 and 2:00am, and the chip bug began to occur, providing teams with the opportunity to begin disarming the chip to save Shelby's life.

Cobalt -- The Setup

Nestled in a non-descript industrial park, the Cobalt appears from the outside to be a simple bar or pub. As they approached the entrance, a bouncer (a game volunteer) instructed players that they could not go in until their whole team was there, and that they shouldn't bring any large or unusual equipment into the bar.

After walking in, the intrigue of the surroundings became evident: Cobalt is a gay bar, with highly alternative decorations and music. On the walls, leather accoutrements and video displays set a tone intended only for mature and open-minded individuals.  On the stage on this and every crowded weekend night, highly-professional drag queens entertain the crowd nearly until sunrise. Passing through the hyper-adrenalized audience, teammates rubbed against thong-clad partygoers who were ready to watch tonight's special evening showcase...

The teams approached the bar, and ordered an Amnesia. Then, they received the following instructions:
1) your whole team must be present, and you must specify a single volunteer (male or female)
2) the volunteer must reach inside a brown paper bag and pull out a chip
3) if you pulled out...
    ...a RED CHIP, then we will dress you in drag and you must perform on stage with the drag queen
    ...a BLUE CHIP, then you must do a striptease on stage down to a G-string, which we will supply.

Once the team-volunteer completed the task on stage in front of the entire audience (and all teams did!), the drag queen emcee told the team to go back to the front door of the bar and speak to Clipper, the bouncer. They were not permitted to return to their van at all, and the next location-challenge began immediately without any clue solving at all...

Team Stories
This just doesn't seem fair, now, does it?  Hey you team-members... why don't you tell some stories below!

Behind the Scenes
The staff at Cobalt was immensely helpful in creating this challenge. In fact, the actual plan for Game night called for the volunteer to compete in a LUBE WRESTLING match with one of the bar's employee-performers. Unfortunately, the stormy weather in Las Vegas that weekend caused the temperature to drop and Lube Wrestling became impractical because it required hosing participants down after their wrestling match. So, striptease or drag-performance were used as a substitute.

Comments & Discussion
4/21/2003 10:09:43 PM   Andrew Ryder (Black)

We were first to Cobalt (isn't Gio lovely?), followed by Yellow.  For the sake of completeness we had a round of Amnesias.  Tasty!