Two approaches:

1) Realize that this is a reference to the movie Memento...
- "Shelby" Logan refers to Leonard Shelby, the movie's main character
- as in the movie, the main character has lost his memory.  He uses...
- polaroid photographs (just as in the casino you just left) and
- tattoos (like the parlor you're in now) remember important facts.

Fact 6 is the car license number from the movie:
(more Memento info here:

2) Realize that this refers to a newspaper's "Classified ad" section. 
- get the Las Vegas Review's 10-26 edition
- turn to the page described in each block
- find the ad referenced in each line-- those are the first few letters of the ad, followed by the last 4 digits of the phone number.  They are unique
- draw lines from one ad to another, and each page spells out one letter or number in the car license plate.

S G 1 3 7 I U

Tell the Tattoo staff that number and they will play you the 8-track tape.

Clue author:  Joe Belfiore

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