Upon arriving, teams found a single "clue" envelope at the gated entryway-- nothing more than a list of locations inside the prison facility, with cryptic names like:

4A22 7B
7A Harley Orcas
Bread Oven 8 Yard
Tower 4 Backside Ladder
2B26 Home Plate

At each obscurely named spot, teams recovered an envelope with a little square of paper inside, fifteen in total. After collecting one from each, teams could put them together to form the name of the last location, where the final clue resided. Many teams figured out the last location without collecting all of the squares, and some even ran across the final clue by accident! But if they did collect all the squares and put them together correctly, it looked like this:

Although this wasn't intended as a real puzzle, we made it slightly challenging with the ambiguous nature of some of the edges, just to keep things interesting.

The final clue was hidden in a cactus in the building 8 yard, and it consisted of a piece of paper with this on it:





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