First team: Pink
  Arrival: 7:27am PDT (6:27 PST)
Second team: Black
  Arrival: 7:28am PDT (6:28 PST)
Soundtrack: Underground Mix (Part I)
A# 80031  Shelby's Message

Goodsprings Cemetary - The Setup
A quick stop...  after spending hours at the prison, each team captain finally saw with his or her own eyes the very site where the Agency intended to leave Shelby Logan for dead.

At gravesite number 134, a tomb site was fully prepared, already bearing a headstone for Shelby Logan, dated October 27, 2002.

Time to Save Shelby
Around this time, 24 hours from the start of the Game had elapsed, and the countdown timer on the device was expiring.  Shelby Logan had called the participants to Nevada to find him, they had discovered that they ARE him, had connected the debugger, entered the decryption key from Templeton, and worked diligently to complete the maze that would save his life.  Based on their success when the time ran out, the Device revealed their success or failure like this

Behind the Scenes
A monumental Game Control screw up at this site was amazingly not taken advantage of by any team, in spectacularly particular form by Purple. Two versions of the clue at this site had been prepared, one was extremely easy (basically just the answer) while the other required some real problem solving. GC had planned it this way such there was one last opportunity to speed up or slow down the teams based on where they were at that point in the game.

The lead team cleared SNCF quite early and as such GC decided to drop the full problem at the Cemetery, in order to slow the teams down a bit or they would arrive before AJ Hacket bungy would open later that morning. However the clue dropper ("K.S.") blew it and actually dropped both the problem AND the answer. Yet amazingly only one team noticed the mistake! The slips of paper with the answer were at the bottom of a stack of CDs inside a ziplock bag, which was then placed under an upside down planter pot. Nearly every team failed to take enough care to actually see that they had been given the answer – instead, just quickly taking the top CD which in each case contained only the problem.

Every team, that was, except Purple. Diligent Purple examined the bag carefully and found the solution as well as the problem. Incredibly. Purple nonetheless chose not to look at the answer! Now forever to be known as the Team Of Integrity, Purple, who had many folks who had been part of past game controls, immediately understood what must have happened and decided it would “not be right” to look at the answer. Game Control came by to check on the teams as they sat next to the cemetery working on the puzzle and Purple handed the solution back to an otherwise stunned (and rather embarrassed) GC principal who was then relieved to find that the ziplock still contained the rest of the answers… meaning that no one else had noticed the screw up.

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