First team: 8:22am (7:22am PST)
  Arrival: Purple
Second team: 8:42am (7:42am PST)
  Arrival: Gold
Soundtrack: Underground Mix (part II)
A#35664 Shelby's Message

Argentena Mine - The Setup
After parking in a dirt-road parking lot, teams followed the specific bearings provided in the previous clue, and arrived at the entryway to mine-shaft #1306. Inside the mine shaft, two Game Control volunteers awaited to provide instructions:
- only 3 people were permitted in the mine at any time
- walk, no running. Flashlights and provided hardhats
    are mandatory.

After a few-hundred yard walk down the long, narrow passageway, the teams discovered the next clue waiting at the end of the shaft.

The thoughts and prayers of the entire community of people who experienced and helped-to-create the Game are with one of our team members who was injured while at the hillside of the Argentena Mine.

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