First team: Gold
Arrival (approx): NA.  No call necessary
Second team: Purple
Arrival (approx): NA.  No call necessary
Soundtrack: Elevation, U2
A#  None. 

Upon leaving the Argentena Mine, teams began their journey northward back towards the city of Las Vegas as the morning sun shone.  Tracking their GPS devices while cruising along the freeway, after 20 minutes the latitude and longitude were correct.  On the interstate itself, they had arrived.

Shawshank Redemption Tunnel - The Setup
At the correct latitude and longitude, the desert landscape which supported the freeway dropped away to reveal an overpass.  With vans parked safely off the road and on the wide shoulder, the players could run back to the overpass and enter it from below.

A concrete tunnel, square in shape with ceiling about 25' high, offered the next clue with a simple challenge.  On the wall some text read...

                UP..        AND        IN...

Pasted to the ceiling of the tunnel hovered a row of colored envelopes, and on the side wall of the tunnel opened a drainage pipe with a diameter not more than 3 feet across.  Deep inside the pipe awaited a second set of colored envelopes.  Two simple physical challenges-- reach 25 feet above the ground, and wriggle the smallest, least-claustrophobic team member all the way down the pipe to retrieve the envelope.

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