First team: Gold
  Arrival: ~11:00am
Second team: Purple
  Arrival: ~12:00pm
Soundtrack: "Jump", Van Halen
"Bodies", from XXX Soundtrack
A#   None

AJ Hackett Bungy -- The Setup, The Finish

Finally returning to the heart of the Strip, our teams recovered a bungy jumping waiver (in two parts) from the previous location, and headed directly to the 171 foot tall, (that's 16-stories) bungy tower next to the Circus Circus hotel. Upon arrival, the staff provided instructions on this challenge:

- you must provide one or more volunteers to do a jump
- your last objective -- to save Shelby Logan's life and protect him forever from the Agency -- is to leap from the tower and at the nadir of your jump to grab a "relic" floating on the surface of the swimming pool that lies directly beneath the jump platform.
- your team can continue only when you have retrieved the relic. If it takes more than one try, then so be it.

Team member volunteers proceeded up the long elevator to the jump platform, and there, finally standing on the edge, a staff member pointed out what waited on the roof of the parking garage adjacent to the tower-- an enormous FINISH sign.  Assembled at the parking garage was the end of the Game, with all Game volunteers, organizers, and other teams awaiting your successful jump.

Behind the Scenes
Of course, it's Game Control policy that we wouldn't put any location in the Game without rigorously testing it ourselves first, and bungee was no exception.  While nearly all of the GC volunteers were eager to climb the tower and attempt the relic-retrieval jumps, it was lucky Kevin S. (left) who won the straw pull to get to perform the feat on our behalf.

Team Stories
The Gold Team was the first to complete every puzzle and challenge in the Game, and successfully retrieved the relic after two jumps. A little later, the Purple Team arrived, and a single volunteer made two jumps and captured the relic also on his second try.

The Game had ended.

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