First team: Purple.  (Yellow 2 mins behind)
  sighted sign: 8:55am
Last team: Red
  Arrival: 10:43am
Soundtrack: Shelby's Theme
A# 4010
A# 83
Shelby's Message (heard on dam)
Shelby's Message (heard at boat)

Hoover Dam -- Setup
Teams arrive on the dam and, having heard Shelby's message on the hotline, must find the next clue. A thorough search of the dam and its adjacent buildings reveals no envelope, and none of the people on the dam appear to be (or in fact are) hiding anything. 

Following the hint Shelby left via his A# recording (go back to the previous location and listen to the audio!), if a team looks out in the distance on the 'up-side' of the dam, it's possible to see a boat floating in the water near the dam buoys with a giant sign that reads "COME HERE". With reasonably high-powered binoculars, it's clear that underneath those words is printed "A# 4010.” Your next task is now obvious: you need to get a boat of your own, and get your team to the clue-boat floating out there in the lake!

Goodbye Van, Hello Boat!
Since the weather in Vegas that day wasn't so great, teams were all able to rent boats fairly easily from one of three local marinas (though one of the three decided not to rent any boats because of lightning fear). The teams could have selected any type of watercraft, but most chose ski boats. (No jet skis?) Once on the lake, the teams cruised over to Hoover Dam, and picked up their clue from the clue-boat floating at the Dam Buoys. 

Team Stories 
The Black Team had an unfortunate problem with their boat... somehow their throttle was stuck in the "forward" position, so they were unable to stop the boat! At the Buoys, they merely cruised by the Clue Boat and someone left off their boat and into the water, retrieving the next clue by swimming to the boat. They later met up with a service boat and got the throttle fixed

Purple was also the first team to retrieve the clue from the clue-boat, and they had increased their 2-minute lead over Yellow substantially. Apparently, the Yellow team's electrical system experienced an overload, and they fell from second-- only two minutes behind-- to seventh, nearly an hour and twenty minutes behind.   Picking up from the pontoon boat, a four teams were clustered in the lead, with others still within an hour of the leader. At that point, the standings looked like this:

Purple 9:41am
Orange 10:07
Gold 10:08
White 10:09
Pink 10:39
Plaid 10:54
Yellow 10:58
Black 11:24
Red 12:13

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