This clue is derived from a common kind of word puzzle called a "dropquote". The crossword-like matrices of squares contain historical quotes made from the letters stacked on top. The letters in each column appear above the squares in alphabetical order. The puzzle is to put them in the correct order to form the quote. By starting with the easy columns (the ones with only one letter) and proceeding from there, you will eventually form two quotes from Herbert Hoover, the dam's namesake.

The numbers on the left link the gray squares to the blanks at the bottom of the page. For example, on the first row, the "B" in the first gray square goes to the 7th blank, the "D" goes to the 19th blank, and so on.

Once the blanks are filled in, the answer appears: MIDDLE BOULDER ISLAND DRAWA. Assuming players have a map of the lake (a really good idea), Middle Boulder Island is pretty obvious. Near the island is a buoy marked "DRAWA" (we think that's the name of the ship, but misprinted-- "Drama") and near the buoy is the next location.

The location of the pontoon boat has absolutely no cell coverage, so this clue was intended to be fairly easy to solve with pure brain power, no Internet searches or lifeline calls. In fact at least one player is said to have solved this one in his head!

Clue author: Walter Smith


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