First team: Gold
  Arrival: 11:03am
Second team: Purple
  Arrival: 11:14am
Soundtrack: Back in Black,  Ratt
A# 16294 Shelby's Message

Under a grey, occasionally drizzling desert sky, the teams raced in powerboats across Lake Mead to their final waterbound location: Black Island.

Black Island - The Setup
A quick location requiring only a moderate physical challenge, players arrived at the southern beach of Black Island and hiked their way to the top of a hill, where a bright red navigational beacon was affixed.

Secured to the beacon in a locked box lay 10 "Portable Debugging Devices".  The players had successfully followed Shelby Logan's trail far enough to recover the first significant tool he had left behind.  Using the combination they had retrieved underwater, each team opened the locked box, and pulled out a device.  

Shelby's Agency-Issue Portable Debugging Device
When the device was turned on, it appeared only to be an unmodified, standard-issue chip-debugger. (In reality, PocketPC Phone Edition with modified software.)  Via separate instructions, the teams were asked by Shelby to call the hotline and enter an activation code-- and doing so caused the device to wake up on its own and begin to modify itself...

Right before their eyes, Shelby's automated system downloaded software that would enable the players to use the device not just as a standard-issue debugger, but now also to:

1. Locate him.  An unknown number of brain-teaser puzzles contained on the device lay between the player and knowing Shelby's location.
2. Connect the device to the chip in his brain and attempt to disarm it, saving his life.

Once activated, a countdown timer began, allowing the teams only 24 hours to complete their mission before Shelby would be terminated.

Having retrieved the Device, the teams' mission on Lake Mead had been completed.  It was now time to return their boats, solve the clue to the next location (also left in the locked box), and get back to land to find Shelby Logan...

See The Device section for more detail on the device.

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