First team: Pink
  Arrival: 2:16pm
Second team: Purple
  Arrival: 2:32pm
Soundtrack: I Can't Drive 55, 
Sammy Hagar (the Red Rocker)
A# 92301 Shelby's Message

The sun started to come out in the mid-afternoon, and as players left Lake Mead and began heading northward along its shore, the terrain became more rugged and lonely.  Cel coverage began to wane and  facilities were scarce...  the desert mountains beckoned.

Redstone Dune Trail  - The Setup
The drive to Redstone was long.  Tiring and desolate.  For the first time in hours the teams were in their vans and operating in normal game mode:  solve a puzzle with all facilities at hand, and move to the next spot.  Repeat.

At Redstone Dune Trail the participants arrived and found next to nothing except literally a solitary track through the hills, looping back to the parking area.  Silent and eerie, the Shelby-seekers mostly encountered no people, no animals, nothing.  And in fact, a quick run around the trail loop left many teams empty handed... where were the clues?  No envelopes were to be seen anywhere.

Difficult to reach Game Control because of poor cel-coverage, the secret to Redstone required one to listen carefully to the sounds of the hills...  rounding the trail between distant bird caws and the crunch of gravel underfoot echoed the sounds of music in the distance... music!? In the desert?  A runner panting for breath could never hear it... but one who was attuned to the surroundings could zero in on the source of the sound, and there among the honeycomb were hidden the next clues.  

All senses are necessary in the Game.

Team Stories 
Many teams ended up leaving location just a bit before sunset, as the magic hour happened.  Nothing in particular stood out as an individual story-- that we know of-- although it's true that the first team to arrive at this location got here before Game Control.

Behind the Scenes
A minor snafu occurred with the clues at this site...  we forgot to mix up the Rubiks Cubes!  (oops...)   Still made for an interesting puzzle....  just not quite as ironic in the end.  Solve the puzzle to see what we mean....



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