This clue was a nicely-printed brochure about Valley of Fire State Park.


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Below is the text-only contents of the brochure.  This is sufficient for you to try out the puzzle if you don't want to load and print the whole brochure JPGs.

The Valley of Fire is a quiet treasure shared by the people, a bizarrely magical rock jigsaw that excites us all. A loop road allows visitors to go by rock formations such as Juxtal Rock, a quartz outcropping popular with artists. Brave pioneers journeying in covered wagons to the area remarked on the quirky formations, seeing foxes, birds, an entire zoo. Exciting Indian art abounds, such as drawings of quite cunning sheathed primitive spears and tricky jars used to capture buzzing insects. People who explore the rocks, however, should beware of quarrelsome cougars; though they appear lazy, they may suddenly jump.

Early people inhabiting the Valley of Fire, including the Jicaque, Loucheux, and Kawchottzine, farmed corn and hunted. Such people were great travelers because water was scarce; we conjecture that area aquifers may mark the path of their amazing explorations. Present-day Valley inhabitants consist of a large variety of mixed wildlife, like lizards (Anniella iraqensis) and jackrabbits. The flora explodes early each year as the Valley fills with a bouquet of azalea, Jerusalem artichoke, sweetflag...

Many famous artists found inspiration in this vicinity; G. Q. Zachowsky did "Brown Jackal with Waxbill" in 1879. The unorthodox Bracque, on a trip through the Valley, immortalized the view in the "junk painting" technique of the early twentieth century. Quick-moving, dazzling daylight and waxing moonlight both stir visitors who find joy in photography.

The Valley's camping facilities, judged "superb" by the Sun, await---but those who seek sanitized toilets will find Las Vegas equally convenient. There are many ways to access campgrounds around the park; you may be justly vexed by the rush of cars, but the roads can accommodate the squeeze. Once inside, you will quickly find picnic areas behind every major campground, where you can socialize and relax. You cannot carry alcohol or guns on park grounds, nor burn waxy junk such as matanzas wood or quackgrass.

As you look upon your sojourn you may carry away an album or canvas of your own, full of lynx, buzzards, squally cloud forms or flora all abloom.

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