Each sentence of this brochure, except for the last two, contains all the letters of the alphabet but one. The "missing" letters from each sentence spell NELLIS DUNES EXIT. The next-to-last sentence is missing the letters E, F, I, and V (FIVE). The last sentence is missing E, G, H, I, and T (EIGHT). The answer is thus NELLIS DUNES EXIT 58.

Note the use in the brochure of pictures of Game Control investigating Mouse's Tank during scouting trips.

Constructing this clue was particularly painful because the answer changed several times, and it took 5-10 minutes of work to generate each sentence. Originally all the sentences were missing a single letter. The "58" was added after the beta game to ensure that players could locate the correct exit to Nellis Dunes (also known as Las Vegas Dunes). At that point the multiple-missing-letters stratagem was invented so we wouldn't have to come up with nine new sentences. However, it turns out that making just one sentence missing the popular letters E, G, H, I, and T takes a very, very long time!

Clue authors: Mary-Alice Pomputius and Walter Smith, brochure formatting by Kevin Shields

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