First team: Purple
  Arrival: 7:18pm
Second: Pink
  Arrival: 7:29pm
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A# 74025  Shelby's Message

Nellis Dunes - The Setup
Teams arrived at Exit 58 having been told to ask for ‘Will at RGB’. When they pulled off the freeway there was really only one way to go at the bottom of the ramp – south toward Las Vegas. Just after turning south they spotted a huge, black, bad-ass Ford truck with three strings of Christmas lights spread across the hood – one green, one red and one blue.

Having arrived, they were given a briefing by Will and his assistant (both helpful staff members from a local ATV rental outfit) who gave basic instruction on operation of the ATVs and passed out safety gear – each team being allowed three ATVs maximum. Will then pointed to three sets of flashing lights off in the far distance placed across the horizon in near zero moonlight darkness – one red, one green, one blue (each about 3-4 miles away). At first glace the idea of getting from the start to the lights seems totally impossible. It was so dark you could hardly make out the horizon much less see ANY of the ground in the valley that formed a completely black void between the start and the three points of light. Will then advised that the blue trail was the hardest followed by the green and then the red as the easiest (tipping the teams that they are looking for a trail).

At the start teams immediately found that the three trails had been marked with small red, green and blue wood stakes in the ground. Eventually each of the trails forked off from one another sending each team member on a solitary journey along their designated trail. With the occasional roar of aircraft coming in for landing at the near by Nellis Air Force base, the experience was certainly hair raising if not downright frightening. The strongest rider of the team generally pursued the blue trail which required a long journey along a dry riverbed and over a number of relatively difficult obstacles (particularly considering this was being with the benefit of only a single headlamp on each ATV).

When each rider reached at the end of the trail, the team member found a metal fence post in the ground with a colored helium balloon attached (again red, green or blue) and a number (0, 1 and 2 – the order of the clue parts would turn out to be somewhat important in solving the clue). At the base of this metal stake was an envelope. Having collected the clue part the team member throttled back to the start, dogging any oncoming members of other teams. A good rider took about 15-20 minutes round trip, less experienced riders taking as much as 30 minutes.

Team Stories 
One member of the Red team managed to get lost-- he could be seen riding in circles off in the far distance of the valley. Game Control rode out to help him, and got him back on the trail only to have him get lost AGAIN a few minutes later (at that point we told him to just play follow the leader…). It was at this stop that Game Control assisted a number of teams with new fuses for their vans and inverters – it was the first opportunity to help solve the problems generated by the overnight weather on the dry lake bed. A few teams attempted to bribe Will and his buddy to ride the course for them but Will held his ground and every single team had three riders complete the course.

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