First team: Purple
  Arrival: 8:55pm
Second: Black
  Arrival: 9:18pm
Soundtrack: Welcome to the Jungle, 
Guns & Roses
A# 11532  Shelby's Message

Finally, the Game's route had returned southward from the high desert and the teams were back in civilization.  For the first time since they entered Lake Mead at around 8am, participants could take advantage of city facilities like restaurants, gas stations, and grocery stores.  But first, Adam needed to check on Templeton.

American Gun Club - The Setup
Shelby's phone message instructed teams to bring Templeton inside at the next location, where they met "Adam", an employee at the shooting range. After ensuring that Templeton was in good health, Adam provided instructions:

Each team had to provide a volunteer, who would be required to fire 50 rounds from a .45 caliber fully automatic machine gun in “burst mode"-- in one pull of the trigger, 50 rounds are discharged in less than 5 seconds. The 50 rounds had to fit within the 9-circle of a target placed at a distance of 10 yards (the target area was approximately 3 feet in diameter).

After firing, they had to take the target to the front counter where Adam verified it was “good” and then gave them the next clue.

If a team failed to keep the rounds inside the circle, they were delayed 5-10 minutes, and then could attempt again.

Team Stories
We don't know any good ones...  participants...  post some stories below!  We know that "Adam" had some fun with some of you...  what happened at this place?

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