Registration:  the WITSEC Hotline When & Where is the Game?

In August of 2002, the Game began as a series of events drew team captains into the unusual dilemma of "Shelby Logan".  Be sure to check out the "Welcome to the Game" section to understand how it began.

Your Second Contact-- Witness Protection Program Hotline.
A mere scrap of paper left in your yard as the Mysterious Visitor was dragged away gave you a telephone number with "FCN 2274".  Of course, the intrepid adventurer in you compels you to call it...

WITSEC Hotline - Your First Phone Call

It appears at first glance that this is not for you.  When you choose option 1 or 2, it asks you to provide an "IDGuard Voiceprint Authentication phrase", and anything you provide doesn't seem to work.   When you try Function 2274-- as the stranger instructed-- you are just prompted again and again for this Authentication Phrase.  It seems you'll need one of these to continue...

Game Control uses software 
to track, listen-to and make phone calls

Maybe leave voicemail? On the other hand, you could always leave a voice mail message like one of these players did... maybe a random effort would result in some kind of clue or hint?

Thane (Purple) reports a threat to Shelby John R. (Plaid) leaves a message for "Matthew Poindexter"
Joe (Pink) tries to just ask for a voiceprint phrase  

Or call the Police.  Even better -- perhaps you were seriously alarmed by the mysterious visitor and kidnapping, and (not unreasonably) perhaps it didn't occur to you that this was the Game.  One careful Team Captain made a phone call to the local Redmond Police Department after seeing a kidnapping at his front door.  THe WITSEC hotline received this voice mail a day or two later.  (Once we called the police officer and explained, all was well...)

Redmond Police Department calls the WITSEC Hotline (Aug 16)

It can be solved.  If you're persistent, you'll find that "failing" to provide a voiceprint authentication phrase for 3 attempts gives a prompt that enables a current program participant to RESET their voiceprint authentication phrase.  (Perhaps a witness had to move and change identities in a hurry, we suppose...) 

Request a reset of your Voiceprint Authentication Phrase  (recording not yet available)

At the end of this lengthy process of providing your name, address, phone number, ssn, credit card number, blood type, etc. etc. etc., the WITSEC system abruptly ends the call and tells you that you will be contacted.


Joe P. is about to be called by the WITSEC Hotline

Don't call us, we'll call you.
Three or four days later your phone rings, and now the Hotline is calling you.  The recording on the phone (listen below) instructs you to visit a website ( and to enter your own "protected individual profile" web page, where various Witness Protection functions are available.  To reach security level B and obtain a new IDGuard Voiceprint Authentication Phrase, you must re-record your own voice for the benefit of the computer...

Part 1 - The hotline calls you back.  Basic Instructions  (page referenced in the recording section is here:
Part 2 - First try: recording your voice.  (Featuring the voice of Eric L., Yellow -- Fastest talker.)
Part 3 - Second try: recording your voice, again.  (Featuring the voice of Bruce L., Red -- Calmest talker.)

So, I'm a protected individual?  As a result of this telephone call, it's clear that you are somehow enrolled in the program, and you now have access to your own PIP page. This will become important for providing you with even more information over time:

Your "Protected Individual Profile" Web Page
       (You access this page at anytime by visiting and entering your case #0729-2562-1462)

Once again, three or four days later, you are contacted by WITSEC in order to complete your request for a Voiceprint Phrase, but this time via a piece of email:

  From Subject Date (click) WITSEC Support Response Sat., 9/5/02  

Finally, you are set.  (1) You have a PIP page for your profile, and you have (2) your ID Guard Voiceprint Authentication phrase.  You can now call the hotline and use Function 2274.

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