Registration:  the WITSEC Hotline When & Where is the Game?

Game Control phone-software tracks all incoming activity

Function 2274 - When is the Game?
With Voiceprint Authentication Phrase in hand (and now also knowing your own Case # and accessing your own Protected Individual Profile (PIP) page), you can finally access function 2274. Time to resolve the mystery of the note the stranger left...

WITSEC Hotline: you enter Function 2274... and finally something about Shelby Logan 

Now, having obtained Shelby Logan's Case #  (9683-4635-6426), you can access his own PIP page on to find out about him.  Try it yourself below... it seems Shelby had more aliases than it may appear at first glance.  If you can figure out what all these aliases have in common, then you'll know an important fact about Shelby and about the game...   (see Hidden info for the sol'n.)


Shelby Logan's PIP Page

Amazing coincidence:  Eric L. of the Yellow team sent mail to Game Control after the game asking whether it was intentional that the first names of all these Shelby-aliases anagramed to "MADERA", the dorm at Stanford where the very first Game was created back in 1987.  They thought this was a clue to the identity of Game Control.  It WAS NOT by design, but what a coincidence!

And someone is leaving YOU messages!

On top of learning about Shelby, somehow there are messages that are slowly appearing in your own Protected Individual Profile page, inside your "Secure Storage" area.  This set of messages appeared over a series of weeks, perhaps one every 7-14 days...

Emergency contacts

Access participant's emergency contacts

Secure storage

Access participant's secure storage area

Via these pages, you also learn:
1. That the program called OPTIMIZE TALENT aimed to commit "Deaccession" on agents upon their reaching their 35th birthday. 
2. That you must provide "emergency contacts" (teammates) who register via the hotline.

But...  Where Is the Game?
On September 15, a new message appeared in the Secured Storage, indicating that a "COMINT Satellite Tracking system" had been setup by Shelby and now enabled access via function code 437875.  Calling the function code gave you a single, most-recent, latitude and longitude for a homing beacon the satellite was gradually zeroing in on.  Every 90 minutes a new reading was available, and at first the geographical distance of these dots was significant -- the first few pings occurred all over the Western United States.

Over a span of 4-6 weeks, this satellite tracking system provided gradually more accurate locations-- until concluding around October 23 by pinpointing a location in the Nevada desert where the homing beacon was buried.

Example COMINT Satellite phone report  (Not yet available)
Final COMINT Satellite phone report

With new data appearing every 90 minutes, some teams really showed their commitment!!

Total # of calls to the satellite function over a month (with 10 team captains):  Not yet available.
Single person making the most calls: 
Not yet available.

Now, you have everything you need.
- a team of participants is registered
- you know the date of the game
- you know the location where you must be.

And on October 25, you and your team will make your way to Las Vegas, to the Eldorado Dry Lake bed, where the Game will begin...  

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