Your mysterious visitor is dragged away screaming. Click for video.  (WMV format)

    Shelby Logan has disappeared. 

               And somehow, he has singled out YOU to find him....

On a humdrum evening in your humdrum life, a simple knock on your front door sets off a chain reaction of extraordinary circumstances...  A mysterious stranger asks to speak to "Shelby Logan"-- at first calmly-- but then grows more panicked as you indicate that you absolutely have no idea who the hell Shelby Logan is.  He shows you a note with your name and address, declaring 'Shelby told me that you would help me find him!"  Now becoming downright threatening, he's interrupted by a megaphone-amplified voice that booms out "STEP AWAY FROM THE DOOR." 

Before you can throw your deadlock, the stranger is pursued and shanghaied by two large men in shirts and ties, thrown in a van and taken away. The fact that you are cowering behind your slammed front door makes it impossible for you to see that the license plate on the back of the van reads "GOT GAME".

A day later someone-- perhaps one of your neighbors? -- leaves a note on your door, declaring "I saw this on your front porch... it seems kind of important", and you can tell that it's the same piece of paper that the stranger held in his hand.  On it, it says

Find me via:

    John Smith  (your name)
    123 Any Street
    Anytown, USA

Use the hotline to contact me:  1-555-555-5555* , fcn 2274.

Dialing the phone number yields the "WITSEC Witness Protection Program Hotline", filled with confusing menus and choices.  (See "Pregame" for more information.)

You eventually learn that Shelby is a protected individual in the witness protection program, and that he requires your presence-- along with a team of qualified helpers-- in Las Vegas in order to find him.  He reveals his background as an Agent, and the nefarious initiative of the agency entitled "Deaccession", by which Agents are "retired" upon reaching their 35th birthday-- for Shelby, that's October 27, 2002.

It is up to you to find, and save Shelby Logan.  If you fail, the consequences will be dire.

So begins Shelby Logan's Run, 2002.

*the hotline number will not be displayed here

Comments & Discussion
4/23/2003 2:41:36 PM   Chris Axtell ((none))

While not a professional actor (although I did play Tom Sawyer in the 1990 Puyallup High School production of Tom Sawyer), I found the role of "mysterious stranger" to be an exhilarating experience.  It was a touch difficult to maintain concentration when the cops were called, or when I repeatedly knocked on the door of a Hunt's Point residence continually frightening the alone wife and child of one team leader.  However, these distractions only helped me to hone my craft.  My only regret is the 30 extra pounds I gained for the role, but I am an artist and I believe my typically svelte stature would have made the perfomance less believable......